Alan Mackie – University of Edinburgh

alanAlan is a full-time PhD at the University of Edinburgh, on a 1+3 ESRC scholarship. He entered Higher Education through an Access to HE course, going on to obtain a BA (Hons) in Community Education. Alan spent two years in the field working with young people in employability before returning to complete his MSc in Educational Research Methodology. His PhD is looking at the social justice experiences of young people post-school, how youth workers respond to this and the social justice implications of Scottish policy relating to this group of young people. Having worked as a youth worker for many years, Alan is interested in how social justice theory, youth sociology and educational research overlap and how we can fuse these areas to further understand the lives of young people growing up in this messy world. 

Alan’s wider interests include social policy, political participation, class and the implications of inequality. He can be found most weekends either climbing the Scottish Munros or struggling up hills on his bike.