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Call for Social Media Convenor

The BSA Postgraduate Forum is looking for a new Social Media Co-convenor to join the team.

The new convenor’s main role will be to monitor the BSA PGForum’s social media accounts, respond to messages and engage with other prominent figures on social media, to promote events run by the PGForum and BSA, and will join the other convenors in maintaining and promoting the Forum more generally.

Working in the PGForum will require a not insignificant time commitment, so please do discuss with your supervisor before applying.  Also, be advised we encourage applications from those in the early years of their PhD to allow for some continuity in the post.

Life as a convenor is busy, and will take time from your research project, but we feel the depth it can add to the whole PhD experience- allowing us to engage and collaborate with postgraduates and senior academics nationally- unquestionably makes up for that. To apply, please email an expression of interest in Social Media Co-Convenor post that includes what you could bring to, and how you could benefit from, the role by Friday 31st January 2020.

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